‘Alba: A Wildlife Adventure’ from Ustwo Games Is Out Now on Apple Arcade and PC

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I’ve been writing about Alba: A Wildlife Adventure () from Ustwo for a while now across its announcement for multiple platforms and then confirmation for Apple Arcade. Ustwo calls it a ‘Chillectathon’ and having played it for a bit, I can see why. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is an adventure game focussing on friendship, nature, and family and it is full of great music and lovely visuals. Alba is visiting a Mediterranean island with her grandparents but eventually ends up having to save the island and the wildlife on it. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure has controller support but it plays great with touch controls in portrait mode. Watch the trailer for it below:

So far, Assemble With Care on Apple Arcade from Ustwo is one of the best games on the service. I can’t wait to see how Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is beyond the opening moments. In addition to Apple Arcade, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is also out on PC via Steam. If you’d like to play it on Apple Arcade, you can get it here on the App Store. Check out the Steam page here and the official website here. Head over to our forum thread for Alba: A Wildlife Adventure for more discussion. With Alba: A Wildlife Adventure out now, 2020 is nearly done for Apple Arcade. What did you think of the service this year compared to 2019 and are there any upcoming games you’d like on the service?

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