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Shaun Called It: “Pixel Remaster” Versions of ‘Final Fantasy 1-6’ Heading to PC and Mobile

Last week our own Shaun Musgrave noticed a curious update to the Final Fantasy 3 and 4 iOS games, which we reported on at the time. What happened is that Square Enix updated both titles with new names and new app icons which clearly delineated these versions as the “3D Remake" versions of the games. This was curious because, well, these games have been on mobile for a number of years and it’s always been pretty clear that they were based off of the Nintendo DS 3D remakes. Why would Square Enix all of a sudden feel the need to clarify that these games were 3D remakes NOW unless they were planning on releasing other versions of the games? Shaun’s Spidey Sense was dead on, as today during the Square Enix Presents digital showcase at E3, they officially unveiled a new project called Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

This project will feature the first 6 Final Fantasy games, and they’ll be given the, uh, “pixel remaster" treatment, whatever that means. Given the extremely uneven quality of Squeenix’s remastering of previous titles, this could mean practically anything. Lightly retouched original art with modern niceties like widescreen support? Totally brand new art assets? A weird mishmash of old and new art that doesn’t go together in a pleasant way at all? Anything is possible. One thing that is clear is that these will be 2D versions of these games, which makes the updates to Final Fantasy 3 and 4 last week make a lot more sense. This will also be the first time the original version of Final Fantasy 3 will be released in English, which is very exciting all on its own. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is said to be “coming soon" so hopefully that’s true so we can see what it’s all about.