‘Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower’ Gets New “Shadows Over Hammerhal” Campaign and More in Latest Free Update

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Developer Perchang launched Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, the third digital entry in the classic Games Workshop tabletop RPG series, back in September of last year, and they’ve been adding to it like crazy ever since. Granted for the first couple of months it was a lot of bug fixing and optimizations, but in November they launched a brand new Gauntlet Mode and 5 new Champions in a huge content update. February saw the arrival of new character The Hag Queen, March brought an update with the new Crucible game mode and 3 more new champions, and April saw another new character called Vyrkos Blood-Born join the party. But today Perchang have really outdone themselves with the latest Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower update which adds in an entire new campaign, a new Champion, new enemies, and more. Here’s a trailer.

The new campaign is titled Shadows Over Hammerhal and, like Silver Tower itself, it’s based on the physical board game of the same name that launched several years ago and takes place in the Age of Sigmar setting. It brings with it a whopping 35 new environments, 100 stages, and 10 new enemy types as well as the new Stormcast champion Evocator Prime. This also means there are new gameplay mechanics, new trap types, new secret rooms to find, and plenty more. Best of all is that the new Shadows Over Hammerhal expansion is available to everyone for free. Also, if you’ve had a hankering to play Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower on your desktop computer machine, it is now available on Steam and has cross-platform progression syncing with the iOS and Android versions.

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