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Relaxing Strategy Game ‘Wingspan’ from Monster Couch Is Coming to iOS Next Month as a Premium Release with Pre-Orders Now Live

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The App Store is no stranger to board game and card game digital adaptations with the iPad in particular being a great way to bring over a lot of physical games. The newest one making the jump to iOS and iPadOS is Monster Couch’s Wingspan ($9.99) which is based on the original physical board game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave. The digital version already debuted on other platforms before and it is coming to Xbox later this month and iOS next month with support for 1 to 5 players. Your aim in Wingspan is to attract birds to your wildlife preserves. Wingspan includes 170 unique birds with their own abilities and powers and you need to make the most of this to earn as many points to win. As Shaun mentioned on SwitchArcade, it is good to see an experience like this in a sea of card games that involve building farms or killing orcs. Watch the Wingspan iOS and iPadOS trailer below:

Wingspan is available for $19.99 on other platforms and it is going to hit iOS and iPadOS as a universal game on July 20th for $9.99. Existing owners on PC and Nintendo Switch will get a free update titled the Swift Start update that adds ten new birds to the game. If you’d like to play Wingspan on iOS or iPadOS, you can pre-order it on the App Store here ahead of its release date. As of now, an Android version hasn’t been announced. I love the aesthetic and will definitely be checking it out on iPad when it arrives next month. Check out the official website for the game here. Have you played Wingspan on any platform before or are you going to jump in with the iPhone and iPad version?

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