‘Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower’ Is Set to Get Big Content Updates and New Champions Each Month Following the New Release of the Hag Queen

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Following the release of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower (Free) last year, Perchang (formerly Rodeo Games) have been updating it with new features and content like a new Gauntlet game mode, new champions, balance adjustments, and more. If you’ve not played Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower yet, it is the newest entry in the turn-based strategy Warhammer Quest series. Read more about it here. The newest update brought in the Hag Queen champion and a summoning portal. Today, Perchang have revealed that there are plans for regular updates for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower including at least one new champion each month alongside plans for big content updates as well. The newest update available on both iOS and Android brought in the Hag Queen, from the Daughters of Khaine army lists, who is the first character able to heal champions during battle so far. Check out a screenshot from the update and the Hag Queen below:

This Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower update also brought in a news page and a summoning portal that is time-locked giving players an increased chance at getting the champions they want. If you’re interested playing Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, you can get it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our forum thread for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower for more discussion around the game. It has been great following Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower along its initial reveal, beta, eventual release, and now with all the updates planned for the turn-based strategy game. Have you been playing it often on iOS or Android since it launched last September?

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