‘Horizon Chase’ Summer Vibes Expansion Pack Available Now As DLC Featuring 12 Remixed Tracks and More

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Horizon Chase (Free) from Aquiris Game Studio launched a while ago under a tentative title Project Retro-Racer. Since then, it has been amazing to see it grow following its launch on iOS and seeing it hit console and PC platforms including Nintendo Switch. We scored Horizon Chase 5 stars in our original review and chose it for our Game of the Week when it launched. Following its launch, it got updated with full support for ultrawide devices, a new UI, free content updates, and more. Today, Horizon Chase has been updated with support for the new Summer Vibes Expansion Pack. This expansion released beginning back in 2019 on other platforms and it has finally arrived on iOS and Android as an in app purchase. Watch the Horizon Chase Summer Vibes trailer below:

The Horizon Chase Summer Vibes Expansion Pack includes an exclusive new car (with 5 skins) and 12 remixed tracks. Barring the first track, the others need to be unlocked in the DLC. The DLC is priced at $0.99 for me from the in-game store with a 50% discount right now. Check out the Steam page for the Summer Vibes DLC for more screenshots from the tracks. Horizon Chase itself is available for free with the World Tour Pass available to access that campaign for about $2.99 depending on your region. This update even added an in-game store teasing two more DLC packs and if you’ve owned the game from years ago when it was premium, make sure to restore purchases to see the available DLC options and pricing. If you’ve not gotten the base game yet, check out Horizon Chase on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Head over to our forum thread for more discussion around the game.

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