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‘Frostpunk Mobile’ Will Bring ‘Frostpunk’ to Mobile Later This Year Worldwide with Its Signature ‘Frostpunk’ Gameplay Experience and New Features

11 bit studio’s Frostpunk is a city building survival experience where players take on the role of a leader during the 19th century. Your aim is to try and build and maintain a city while managing resources, making choices, exploring, and more across various story scenes. It originally released back in 2018 on PC platforms before seeing a PS4 and Xbox One release a year later followed by a macOS release a few months ago. Today, NetEase revealed a partnership with 11 bit studios to bring Frostpunk to mobile platforms as Frostpunk Mobile. Frostpunk Mobile will arrive later this year and it aims to bring over the signature gameplay from the console and PC game to mobile platforms with a few new features like a Roguelike Adventure, Rare Animal Rescue Station, and more. NetEase wants this to be an immersive game when it arrives later this year worldwide. Watch the Frostpunk console trailer below:

Frostpunk Mobile is in development for both iOS and Android release later this year globally. Frostpunk is a game I’ve been recommended multiple times and it seemed like a game I’d enjoy playing on a portable. I even ended up buying Frostpunk on both Xbox and PC platforms but never got around to it. With Frostpunk Mobile, I’m curious how things translate over and once we have a definite release date, I’ll start playing Frostpunk on PC so I know what to expect for Frostpunk Mobile in some ways. Frostpunk Mobile will have additional features. Hopefully we learn more about those and get some gameplay of the mobile version in the near future. Until then, check out the official Frostpunk Mobile website here. Have you played Frostpunk on PC or console yet?