Big Updates for Charrua Soccer, Towers of Everland, Hot Lava, Unleash the Light, and Patterned Are Out Now on Apple Arcade

Two weeks ago, Apple changed Apple Arcade’s scope with the introduction of new categories for the service alongside the release of anticipated games like Fantasian, Wonderbox, Clap Hanz Golf from the makers of Sony’s Hot Shot’s Golf (Everybody’s Golf) games, a new Taiko no Tatsujin game, World of Demons from PlatinumGames, and more. Last week, there weren’t new game releases but Apple pushed out updates to The Last Campfire, tint., and Marble Knights. Today, four more Apple Arcade games have gotten updates alongside Patterned that was updated a few days ago.

A few days ago Patterned got updated with more than 60 new patterns in the Around the World set and more. It has been great seeing it continue to get more patterns so long after launch. Charrua Soccer big version 6 update hit a few hours ago letting players aim to compete in the Mother Earth Cup by creating a club and facing on enemies to save earth. Towers of Everland just got its first update since version 2.0 hit about half a year ago. The new 3.0 update brings in new Renown Plus Towers, gear ascension, a new player class, craftable weapons, reforging gear, keyboard support on iPadOS 14 and later, and more. Unleash the Light gets its first update in a while bringing in new randomly generated levels, Connie joining the game, new badges, charms, achievements, and more.

Klei’s Hot Lava gets two new members today, the vault jump ability, better character progression and choices, new items, controller remapping, and more today in its 1.3.0 update arriving a few months after the Winter update. It looks like we are back to no real pattern on what to expect each week from Apple. There are still three games “coming soon" to the service including Frenzic: Overtime from the awesome folks at The Iconfactory. Check out our forum threads for Patterned here, Towers of Everland here, Unleash the Light here, Charrua Soccer here, and Hot Lava here. Head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. Have you been playing any of the new games like Clap Hanz Golf, Fantasian, and Wonderbox or are you digging into the classics on Apple Arcade?