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New ‘Adventure to Fate’ Game in the Works, Looking for Beta Testers

Wayyyy back in 2014, solo indie developer Touchmint released a mobile title called Adventure to Fate: A Quest to the Core, a game that boiled down the elements of a classic JRPG into a heavily streamlined and bite-sized dungeon crawler experience. We enjoyed it a lot in our review from back then. The following year Touchmint released a spin-off titled Adventure to Fate: Battle Arena, which was somehow even MORE streamlined than the original game and trimmed out the dungeon crawling altogether. The trimmed fat actually made for a more enjoyable game, as we highlighted in our review. Then in 2016 a third game in the series was released, Adventure To Fate: Quest to the Future. This was like the ultimate culmination of the previous two games, bringing the dungeon crawling back from the first game and the many battle complexities of the second game into one cohesive game that, again, we enjoyed a lot in our review.

Well, being a solo developer isn’t easy, and Touchmint has largely put the Adventure to Fate series on the backburner for the past several years in order to focus on projects that, you know, actually pay the bills. However, in late 2018 a new entry in the series was announced titled Adventure To Fate: Dungeons that looked to, well, streamline things even further, if you can believe that. The main changes to the formula would be much shorter levels as well as the ability to pick a special random power-up after each level. Development on this new title has been slow-going in Touchmint’s free time, but things started to really come together this past fall, and it’s getting very close to the point of beta testing. Here’s a short video of the in-progress version of the new Adventure to Fate game.

Now, this particular game was titled Adventure To Fate: Dungeons when it was announced back in 2018, but the video has it titled as Adventure to Fate: Future Arena. That name seems more fitting as the core of this new game is more closely related to the Adventure to Fate: Battle Arena spin-off from 2015, as opposed to the “full" Adventure to Fate games. And like Battle Arena, Future Arena will also be free to play, but in a very inoffensive way and with no online connection requirements. So if you’d like to get in there and try this new Adventure to Fate game for yourself and offer your own feedback, head over to the thread in our forums and let Touchmint know you’re interested. A Testlfight for the game should hopefully be available in the next couple of weeks, and seeing as how the previous three Adventure to Fate games haven’t been updated in a number of years I’m very much looking forward to a fresh release in the series.