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Charming Metroidvania ‘Micetopia’ Coming to iOS this Wednesday,

Last fall developer NinjaRabbitStudio released their Metroidvania-style action platforming adventure Micetopia on consoles courtesy of publisher Ratalaika, and now thanks to a partnership with Crescent Moon Games the title will be heading to iOS and Android devices in just a couple of days. Micetopia is a good old-fashioned story of good vs. evil where you’ll “play as a brave mouse who must fight, jump, and explore its way through a world of mystery." As you overcome objectives and defeat enemies you’ll gain new powers that allow you to progress further and further into the world. You know the drill, standard Metroidvania stuff. Check out the trailer for the console version of Micetopia to get a sense of its action and its excellent visuals.

The trailer itself describes Micetopia as a “small Metroidvania" and this has been reflected in its pricing on other platforms where it sells for just five dollars. Hey, given games like Hollow Knight or Axiom Verge that ate up weeks of my free time I’m pretty down for a Metroidvania I can actually complete in a reasonable amount of time. Bring more of them on, I say. As is typically the case, the price goes even lower for the mobile version of Micetopia, which is currently on pre-order discount of 25% off at just $2.99. So if you’ve got a few bucks to burn and like quality action platforming, head over to the App Store right now to pre-order Micetopia ahead of its release this Wednesday, and while no pre-order is available Android folks can look for the game on the Google Play Store then too.