iOS 14.3 Beta Adds PS5 Controller and Amazon Luna Support

When Apple originally added in controller support to iOS, a lot of people got excited but the MFi controllers, some of which were very good, were too expensive compared to controllers people actually owned and use on other platforms. Fast forward to iOS 13 and more recently iOS 14 and Apple has brought in native controller support and improved it considerably for PS4 and Xbox controllers. Earlier today, Apple pushed and then pulled the first iOS 14.3 beta as noted by our sister site Macrumors. This brought in PS5 DualSense controller support in addition to Amazon Luna controller support. The extent of support right now is unknown because the DualSense controller has a lot of nifty little features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Watch a video showcasing the controller below:

Sony has been improving its own PlayStation apps on iOS a lot recently. The current PlayStation App is excellent and the PS Remote Play app recently got a big upgrade for iOS 14. Once iOS 14.3 eventually ships, Sony will likely update the remote play app to bring in DualSense support. Hopefully Apple and Sony can work so that developers can fully use the DualSense controller features on iOS and iPadOS in the future. While the Xbox Series X new wireless controller is a nice improvement over the old Xbox One controller from my testing, impressions from the DualSense controller have me excited to see how it adds more to the experience when implemented well in-game. Amazon Luna support being added is interesting as well. Details for that new service are here. It is going to be interesting to see how streaming ends up on iOS next year. For more details on what the first iOS 14.3 beta includes, read this. What controller do you use on iOS and iPadOS right now and do you plan on buying the new consoles or controllers?