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‘Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’ from Headup Games Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date with Pre-Order Now Live on the App Store

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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead ($2.99) was announced a few months ago for mobile, consoles, and PC as the newest entry in the series. With Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, Headup Games is bringing its fun Bridge Constructor series to The Walking Dead TV series following the lovely Bridge Constructor: Portal that saw it crossover with Valve’s Portal. After an initial gameplay video showcased Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead last week, Headup Games just announced the release date and began pre-registrations and pre-orders. Watch the new gameplay video for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead below:

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead has you building bridges to survive in a hostile environment fighting hordes of undead walkers and more. The game features Eugene, Michonne, Daryl, and more characters from the show in addition to new characters. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a premium release on both iOS and Android. It releases on November 19th on all platforms including Nintendo Switch and Steam. If you’d like to check it out, you can pre-order Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $4.99 on mobile. Check out the Steam page here. Did you enjoy previous Bridge Constructor games and did you play Bridge Constructor: Portal?

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