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YouTuber Drae and Headup Give Us Our First Glimpse at ‘Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’ in Action

While it originally released nearly a decade ago in 2011, Headup and ClockStone Studio’s Bridge Constructor went somewhat viral and topped the iTunes charts in 2014. Several spinoffs have been released in the years since, and it was in 2017 when the developers showed us that the Bridge Constructor formula could mesh well with a seemingly totally unrelated IP, in this case Valve’s Portal, with their crazy mashup Bridge Constructor Portal. Well if you thought THAT was an odd pairing, Headup took things to the next level a couple of months back when they announced Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Bridge Constructor mixed together with the characters and scenarios of The Walking Dead TV series on AMC/the original graphic novels from Robert Kirkman. Headup announced the game with an amusing live action teaser, but we really didn’t have any idea of how Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead would actually play. Well that changed today as Headup has partnered with popular YouTuber Drae for a new video showcasing the game in action.

Now, I am what the kids would refer to as An Old, and I’m not exactly hip to all the YouTubers or vTubers or Twitch streamers or what have you. I’d never heard of Drae before now but I’ve got to say I’m digging his vibe. He also does a good job at showing off what Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is all about. Yes, there is plenty of traditional bridge constructing where you’ll need to get vehicles safely across various expanses, typically while killing hordes of undead along the way. But there’s also a lot of directing human survivors in various scenarios which does call for some bridge construction but also calls for some order-of-operation directing of the humans’ actions in a manner that’s somewhat similar to something like Human Resource Machine. Things can get majorly complex and almost Rube Goldberg-like as you try to satisfy the requirements of each level. There’s also a heavy Lemmings vibe as sometimes your goal is to coerce the mindless undead together so you can take them all out at once. It all looks very awesome, and although no release date has been announced, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead should be arriving before the end of the year.