Pre-Orders for the ‘XCOM 2 Collection’ from Feral Interactive Are Now Live on the App Store

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Last week, Feral Interactive announced that the XCOM 2 Collection ($19.99) from 2K and Firaxis is coming to iOS as a premium release. This follows the tease from the company previously. If you aren’t familiar with Feral Interactive, they bring classic PC games to mobile and do fantastic ports across all platforms including Nintendo Switch. Som of their work includes Company of Heroes, Tropico, Rome: Total War, and more. The XCOM 2 Collection has already been ported to Nintendo Switch (with a big download needed) for the physical release and it will be on iOS in around two weeks. Watch the XCOM 2 Collection iOS pre-order trailer below:

The XCOM 2 Collection releases on November 5th for iOS as a premium port. You can now pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here. It is priced at £23.99 / $24.99 / €27,99 on iOS. For reference, this collection is usually priced at $49.99 on Nintendo Switch. On iOS, it requires iOS 13.1 and later. For devices, it runs on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, and any iPhone since the iPhone X. For iPad, it runs on all iPad Pros released since 2017 and all iPad models released since 2019. The full list of supported devices on iOS is here. Check out the XCOM 2 Collection iOS website here for screenshots of the conversion. I’m very curious to see how it runs on newer iOS devices compared to the consoles. Considering this is a Feral Interactive release, we won’t need to worry about device support and future iOS updates either. Have you played it on any platform yet?

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