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‘Reigns: Beyond’ Is the Newest ‘Reigns’ Game and It Is Coming Soon to Apple Arcade

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The original Reigns was superb not just for its writing and gameplay but also for how well it worked on touch. Since then, there have been more Reigns games in the form of Reigns: Her Majesty and Reigns: Game of Thrones. There’s even a board game version of Nerial’s game series. Today, Devolver Digital and Nerial unveiled the newest Reigns game in the form of Reigns: Beyond () for Apple Arcade. Over the last few weeks, Apple has been definitely delivering some great releases and the weeks leading into November are only going to get better. Watch the trailer for Reigns: Beyond below showcasing some great music:

Reigns: Beyond has quite a team behind it. In addition to the team at Nerial, Reigns: Beyond includes Sam Webster (Grindstone) doing the music, Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Hypnospace Outlaw) behind the writing, and more. Reigns: Beyond is about an intergalactic indie rock band travelling from gig to gig looking for fame and fortune. Reigns: Beyond has you recruiting alien band members while managing your ship’s resources. The game includes more than 1400 decision cards and 60 characters. Reigns: Beyond will start rolling out on November 5th or 6th depending on your timezone and it is only on Apple Arcade as of now. It includes controller support as well. Check it out on Apple Arcade here on the App Store. What is your favourite Reigns game?

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