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‘Reigns: Game of Thrones’ Features iPhone X Face Tracking

Back in August, we had our greasy fingers all over the upcoming Reigns: Game of Thrones. I recommend giving the preview a quick read if you want some additional details, but the best way to describe it is if you had one handful of Reigns and another of Game of Thrones fan service and you just mashed them together. Better yet, the whole game takes place inside of Melisandre’s flames, which are not always accurate- Allowing for some really amusing “What if?" scenarios that are super fun.

Much like Game of Thrones proper, it seems like the Reigns iteration also has a few clever surprises. As revealed by Apple today in an App Store feature, if you’re playing the game on the iPhone X, you get an extra subtle feature: Using the face tracking magic of the front sensor bar, you’ll gain a subtle bit of intuition: “Characters who trust your motives will lock their gaze directly on you, even as you tilt your device. The suspicious will look away."

It’s a small thing, and honestly it probably won’t make a huge difference if you’re not playing on an iPhone X, but it’s really neat to see developers use these new parts of iOS devices- Even in tiny ways. Reigns: Game of Thrones launches on October 18th, so clear your schedule to blast your way through a Reigns-y interpretation of Westeros in 10 days.