‘Reigns’ Updated With Over 100 New Cards

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Nerial and Devolver Digital’s Reigns ($2.99) has gotten a content update that should make the game worth coming back to if you haven’t played in a while. The update includes over 100 new cards in total, featuring a new character, 3 new deaths, 5 new objectives, and a fake elephant. Why a fake elephant? Well, everything else has happened in Reigns, why not a phony pachiderm? Another addition that’s not necessarily new content, but welcome regardless, is that the main story is a bit easier to solve. It could be rather esoteric to ‘win’ the game, though in a way that made sense after you figured it out. Now, it might be a bit easier to figure out from the beginnning.

This is a nice quality of life update for Reigns, and a good reason to dive back in if you haven’t played in a while. The game is now less repetitive, and will throw some surprises your way. And if you never bothered to unlock the best ending, now it’s a bit easier! And if you’re a new player, you’re getting a much-improved experience your first time. Check out the big update now.

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