PC RTS Classic ‘Company of Heroes’ Is Finally Available on iPad Worldwide

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Ever since it was announced, we’ve been following and looking forward to Company of Heroes ($13.99) for iPad from Feral Interactive. While it was originally set to release last year, Feral Interactive had to delay it to ensure it met their quality standards. Today, Company of Heroes has released worldwide on iPad as a premium release. Watch some gameplay from the iPad version below showcasing the new UI and more:

The App Store page mentions in app purchases but they are all free. These include French, German, Russian, and Spanish audio in addition to campaign missions and skirmish maps. The core game on the App Store is 3.9 GB but you will need 6 GB for everything. There are no paid in app purchases and you are prompted to download all content if you want when you launch the game. If you’re interested in the release, you can buy Company of Heroes on iPad on the App Store. It is available for $13.99. Are you looking forward to revisiting this classic on iPad?

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