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‘Pokemon Unite’ Is a 5v5 Battler in Development for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch with Full Cross Play from Tencent

Last year, Tencent and The Pokemon Company announced that they are workin together. Today, we see the first glimpse of that project in the form of Pokemon Unite for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Unite isn’t a traditional MOBA and it looks like it does a great job of bringing various mechanics from Pokemon games to MOBA gameplay style. Instead of eliminating, your aim is to score the most points alongside your team to win. Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 free to start game developed by Tencent’s Timi Studio (Call of Duty Mobile). Check out the official website here. Watch the announcement trailer for it below:

Pokemon Unite is free to start which will be interesting to see in terms of monetisation. The focus of the reveal is that it is also cross platform for playing with and against people. You start at level 1 and try to defeat wild Pokemon to raise your own level, evolve, and even eventually learn Pokemon Unite exclusive Unite skills. Pokemon Unite is in development for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. We will likely see more of it in the near future with a release window hopefully revealed. What do you think of the gameplay so far?