‘Terra Battle’ Service Will End Next Month Nearly Six Years after It Launched on iOS and Android

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We’ve been covering Terra Battle (Free) from Mistwalker for a long time. The free-to-play social RPG debuted back in 2014 on iOS and Android and has been bringing new content ever since. Read our original review of it here. Today, the developers announced that service will be ending next month on iOS and Android. As of today, Energy will no longer be sold (in game currency). This comes nearly six years after the game’ service began. Service for the full game will end on June 30th. Before that, June 15th will see support related to data transfer and recovery ending. It is always disappointing to see this stuff happen but game closures like this prove that even games backed by big names can just go away. Watch a trailer for the game below:

Hironobu Sakaguchi, commented on the closure of service thanking players who supported the game. He also said that this was the company’s first service type game and will take this as a learning experience. Mistwalker is currently working on Fantasian for Apple Arcade. Fantasian development is going strong right now. It is going to be interesting to see more of the game when Mistwalker reveals it. Terra Battle‘s closure comes nearly 2 years after Terra Battle 2 service ended back in 2018. Have you been playing Terra Battle recently or did you enjoy it around launch only?

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