‘Terra Battle 2’ Will Be Shutdown in North America on September 3rd, Less Than a Year After It Launched

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Terra Battle 2 (Free) from Hironobu Sakaguchi and Silicon Studio is shutting down in North America on September 3rd. The announcement that went live earlier today had a note from Hironobu Sakaguchi and also had the final date and time for the North American version of the game being closed. After this date, it will not be playable. As of 10 PM PDT on June 3rd, they have stopped selling Super Energy from within the game and it will have been pulled from the App Store and Google Play. Past this, it cannot be redownloaded even if you owned it earlier and if it wasn’t updated, it will not be playable anymore. Watch the original trailer for it below:

Terra Battle 2 was the follow up to Terra Battle . Read our review of the original from 4 years ago here.

The reason given for closing down the North American version is that the team can’t offer the level of quality that the playerbase deserves. It is always disappointing seeing online games close down less than a year after launching. Preservation for these titles is basically impossible sadly. If you’ve downloaded and play Terra Battle 2, you can continue to do so until September 3rd at 10 PM PDT. You will be able to use Normal and Super Energy until this date. You also cannot transfer progress or Energy between the North American version that will be shutdown in a few months and the Japanese version of the game.

Hironobu Sakaguchi says the team will continue developing games after this setback and will learn from this to bring new experiences to fans all over. They also want the world of Terra to continue but they haven’t thought things through for timeframe or format at this stage. Check out our forum thread for the first game here.

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