‘Pascal’s Wager’ Is Discounted for the First Time to Celebrate the Release of the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC

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Yesterday, Pascal’s Wager ($3.99) from Tipsworks got its first expansion DLC in the form of the ‘Deep into the Dark Mist’ DLC. The DLC arrived with the big 1.2.0 update to the game on iOS that had various improvements and enhancements. This is a part of the post launch update schedule that included a new game plus mode and an Android version. Since the DLC launched yesterday, Tipsworks has discounted the game for the first time on iOS today. Watch the trailer for the Deep into the Dark Mist expansion below:

It is worth noting that if you bought the game before the discount, the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC is free for you. It is priced at $0.99 otherwise. Right now, Pascal’s Wager is available at $3.99 down from $6.99 on the App Store. If you skipped getting it initially, this is the first discount. Check out our review of Pascal’s Wager. Here’s our forum thread for the game. Have you been playing it with the new updates or are you waiting on the Android release?

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