‘Pascal’s Wager’ Version 1.2.0 Is Out Now Adding the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC, Talent Effect Adjustments, and More on iOS

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Tipsworks revealed plans for post launch updates for the excellent Dark Souls-inspired action game Pascal’s Wager ($4.99) a little while ago. The game was then updated with a new game+ mode on iOS and an announcement for the Android release date alongside the first paid DLC expansion ‘Deep into the Dark Mist’ being showcased. Pascal’s Wager 1.2.0 has just gone live on iOS adding the DLC among other updates. Watch the trailer for the Deep into the Dark Mist expansion below:

The Deep into the Dark Mist DLC for Pascal’s Wager is available now as an in app purchase for $0.99. The update also adds better support for 120hz gameplay on iPad Pro 2018 and later. Some characters’ talent effects and values have been adjusted with text and gameplay issues addressed in the update. Check out our review of Pascal’s Wager. Here’s our forum thread for the game. Have you been playing it with the new updates or are you waiting on the Android release?

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