Valve Just Updated ‘Steam Link’ with Support for Better Zooming, Gyroscope and Trackpad Options, Steam Overlay Shortcut, and More

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It still feels pretty absurd that Apple took so long to approve Valve’s Steam Link (Free) app. Ever since the app was finally approved, it has been getting updated with new features and enhancements which is great given how the main Steam app has barely been improved over the years. Over the weekend, Valve pushed out another update for the app on iOS that adds some nifty new features and enhancements to an already great app. A majority of the improvements in the update are for touch controls.

Version 1.1.47 adds global settings for gyroscope, rumble, and fading controls. The update also adds a new four finger tap shortcut to bring up the Steam Overlay in games. There are now better options for trackpad speed and zooming and panning options in the app for those who use touch controls. It is going to be interesting to see how both Steam Link and the recently released Rainway improve over time. If you missed our initial hands on with Steam Link, check it out here. Do you stream games from your PC to iOS often?

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