‘Steam Link’ App Updated with Control Rebinding Options for MFi Controllers, Trackpad Improvements, and More

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Ever since Steam Link was announced for iOS and Android, iOS gamers have had to deal with a lot of uncertainty thanks to Apple’s infinitely great (not really) vague rules on the App Store for what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to streaming games. Thankfully, Steam Link (Free) finally released on iOS and it is pretty fantastic. It was originally announced for iOS and Android over a year ago.

Over the weekend, Valve pushed out version 1.1.36 which has a lot of improvements for both touch and controller support in the app. You can now rebind controls for MFi controllers and if you do use MFi controllers, the app will not crash while rebinding controls. The default mouse mode is now ‘Trackpad’ which is much more responsive. The update also adds device form factor support for an upcoming Steamworks API that has not been announced yet.

With iOS 13 bringing full support for the PS4 and Xbox One controllers, things are going to be very interesting in the world of iOS gaming. I can’t wait to be able to remote play PS4 games with the PS4 controller and play Steam games with the Xbox One controller soon. It is also great to see Valve update both the Steam Link and Dota Underlords apps on a regular basis. Do you already own an MFi controller and will you be buying a PS4 or Xbox One controller for iOS 13?

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