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Multiplayer Tank Battler ‘Pico Tanks’ Launching Globally January 31st with Bonus “Sheep Topper” for Those that Pre-Register

Although it had been in the works for at least a year prior, we first talked about the upcoming multiplayer tank battler Pico Tanks in December of last year, nearly a year ago to the day. What struck me most about Pico Tanks was the level of polish developer Panda Arcade was going for with the game, from the details in the graphics and animation to the mind-bogglingly extensive tank customization options to the way they really wanted to hone the gameplay mechanics to make for a fantastic multiplayer experience. Since that time Panda Arcade has been running limited beta testing on the game and continuing to sculpt it into something that’s ready for global release, and pretty much everybody in our forums who has been helping beta test the game has nothing but great things to say about it. Which makes it extra exciting that today Panda Arcade has announced that Pico Tanks will finally be launching globally on iOS and Android January 31st, 2020. Here’s a brand new launch trailer.

But what’s the fun of announcing your release date a couple of months ahead of time without offering some sort of bonus for those who are eager to play it? You’re right, it’s no fun at all, which is why Panda Arcade is offering a bonus “Sheep Topper" for your tank if you pre-register on their website for the iOS version or pre-register on Google Play for the Android version. What’s a Sheep Topper you ask? It’s a sheep that sits on top of your tank. Come on, this isn’t rocket science. It’s just one of the many, MANY zany ways you can customize your tank in Pico Tanks so you can ensure you’re in full peacocking mode when you battle against players online. Finally, do you live in Australia, New Zealand or the Philippines? If so, you can play Pico Tanks right now as it’s soft-launched in those regions as of last week. You can find links to both iOS and Android right here. If you’re not in those countries then just sit tight for a couple of months, do the pre-registering thing to get your sheepy, and look for Pico Tanks when it launches globally on January 31st.