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‘Pico Tanks’ is a Super Polished Multiplayer Tank Battler that’s Looking for Beta Testers

For the past two years, Australian developer Panda Arcade has been working on creating their dream game Pico Tanks. The dream is to have a team-based multiplayer game for mobile that’s both highly accessible to casual players and has enough depth for advanced players to really dive into. Throw in an extensive customization system for tricking out your tanks as well as incredibly polished stylized visuals, and that’s Pico Tanks. Since November of last year, Panda Arcade has been posting tons of info and progress on Pico Tanks in our forums, with a great response from those who’ve stopped by to check it out. Here’s a recent gameplay video showing a 2v2 match in action so you can get an idea of how lovely this game looks in motion.

So now for the exciting part. Pico Tanks is finally nearing completion, and the developers have just started up a closed beta test with a soft launch planned for early 2019 and a global launch to follow. If you’re interested in getting in on that beta test, you’ll need to head over to the brand new Pico Tanks Discord server and follow the instructions to get your chance to partake in the beta. There’s even a brand new trailer announcing the new Discord and beta test.

There’s already a ton of interest in the Discord chat with early testers already playing matches against each other. You can also find a ton more information about Pico Tanks by poking through the existing thread in our forums and there’s all sorts of little clips of the game the team has posted over the past year or so on their YouTube channel. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part. In addition to creating your own custom tanks through dozens of available base units and weaponry, you can also adorn your little tank with a variety of hats. If you weren’t sold on the game already, “tanks with hats" should just about do it. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Pico Tanks during its beta period and leading up to its soft launch and eventual global release in 2019.