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The Adorable Multiplayer Tank Battler ‘Pico Tanks’ Needs Some Beta Testers

This past December we told you all about Panda Arcade’s upcoming multiplayer tank battler Pico Tanks and how they were seeking out some beta testers to check out the game. Truth be told Pico Tanks had been in development for at least a year before that, and Panda Arcade has been cranking away at it continuously ever since. Since December the game has really began to shape up nicely and along with running a bunch of internal tests the developers also host scheduled beta testing events across the various regions where servers are located. They’re pretty much always looking for more beta test helpers, so I figured it was a good time to give another heads up about signing up to become a Pico Tanks tester. First though, a new trailer showing one of the new game modes which is called Fetch the Cargo.

So you want to be a beta tester, eh? Well it’s pretty easy. Just head over to the official website and there you’ll find a link to the Pico Tanks Discord server, and in that server you’ll find instructions on how to download and take part in the beta version. The devs are also super active on Discord so you can generally find answers to any questions you may have pretty easily. And of course there’s also the thread in our own forums which the developers keep routinely updated and has been going strong for almost two years now. I love the look of Pico Tanks so far and I also love that Panda Arcade is taking their time to make sure it’s the best it can be for whenever it does end up releasing. Be sure to check out the beta version for yourself as development on the game continues.