Our 2018 Game of the Year Pick ‘Oddmar’ is Currently On Sale for Just Two Bucks

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Ever since it was announced under the name Viking Mushroom way back in July of 2015, I’ve had a soft spot for everything related to the game that eventually released as Oddmar ($4.99). The animations, the art style, the personality coming through in spades… everything about Oddmar just pushed all the right buttons for me. Following its release in the spring of last year, we put it through its paces and effortlessly gave it 5 stars in our review as well as picked it as our Game of the Week the very same day. Apple seemed to enjoy Oddmar as well, and gave it one of their coveted Apple Design Awards during WWDC 2018. And finally, just to REALLY drive home the point that we like Oddmar a whole bunch, we chose it as our Game of the Year for 2018. In a very crowded field of excellent games that released throughout the year, Oddmar came out on top.

WELL, if through all of that you somehow STILL haven’t picked up Oddmar already, then maybe today’s sale will be the catalyst you need to FINALLY check out one of the finest platformers on mobile. In celebration of Thanksgiving next week, Oddmar is currently 60% off on iOS, down to just $1.99 from its normal price of $4.99. Perhaps you’re thinking “Five bucks was already cheap for such an amazing game!" and you are absolutely right, which means that two bucks is just plain absurd. And while this isn’t the first time Oddmar has been this low, it’s the first sale of any kind for the game in almost a year so if you’ve somehow been holding off on this one for whatever reason or you know someone who would appreciate a fun and accessible platformer with almost excessively high production values, tell them to snag Oddmar while it’s on sale.

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