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‘Viking Mushroom’ is an Absolutely Gorgeous Platformer Coming in 2016

Viking MushroomOkay, if you like platformers on mobile, I’ve just the thing for you today. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the gameplay video below. Viking Mushroom, an upcoming platformer by development studio MobGe, definitely has plenty of charm and interesting ideas. The game looks quite a bit like Rayman both in the very colorful environments and the apparent humor. In a recent interview for the Examiner, the development team explained that this game is about Vikings and their lives, with every rune and item in the game having a real-world counterpart. Apparently, mushrooms will have an important yet undisclosed role in the game (maybe your ultimate goal is to make the best mushroom soup ever?). The game will feature a unique control scheme, according to the developers, although they didn’t want to get into more detail about what makes it so unique. Also, MobGe is very focused on delivering a strong story to the players and aims to employ many new techniques to do so.

Viking Mushroom

The game is still around 7,8 months away, with the developers planning to add new game modes, bosses, and finalizing the story. Judging from the videos on the game’s Facebook page, its animation look great, and I especially like how the developers are playing with the foreground and the background to bring the whole world to life. The Troll in the video below is quite impressive too, both in the way it’s drawn and animated. Overall, the game looks very promising (of course looking and actually being are two distinct things), so keep an eye out for it. Viking Mushroom should release in 2016 and will come out for iOS and Android simultaneously.