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Tactical Espionage Game ‘Sigma Theory’ from Mi-Clos Studios Officially Launches on Steam Today

It’s hard to believe it’s been over four years since Mi-Clos Studio originally announced their stylish tactical espionage game Sigma Theory, but today it’s all paying off as they’ve officially launched version 1.0 of the game on Steam. You may recall that Sigma Theory released in Early Access back in April of this year, and after what the studio describes as a “lively" six months in Early Access the finished product is now available on Steam at a 10% discount until November 28th. Maybe “finished" isn’t quite the right word, as the story campaign so far only contains one episode with more planned for the future. However, Sigma Theory 1.0 does boast a Classic and a Custom mode in addition to the Story mode, and it features a cast of more than 60 special agents you can recruit as well as a host of cool technological items and abilities that will help you do what you try to do every night… try to take over the world! Here’s a brand new trailer to mark the official launch of Sigma Theory.

As you can probably tell from looking at that trailer, Sigma Theory is kind of a mashup of all sorts of different popular strategy games. The team cites games like XCOM, Plague Inc, Civilization, Tropico, Armello, and tons more as inspirations and they’ve tried to coalesce these various bits into one cohesive turn-based strategy game with an old-school spy novel aesthetic. Of course the big question is when can us mobile gamers get our espionage on, and that part isn’t totally clear. Mi-Clos has said they want to bring Sigma Theory to both consoles and mobile at some point, but that they’d be focusing on getting version 1.0 out on desktop first. With that happening today then it seems we’re at least one step closer to ports coming to other platforms, even if we haven’t the faintest idea of when. With how much I’m itching to play Sigma Theory though, I’ll take any progress I can get, and we’ll continue to keep our eye out for any more news regarding a mobile release in the future.