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Mi-Clos Announces Upcoming Game ‘Sigma Theory’, a New Take on the Spy Genre

Mi-Clos, the French Studio behind the fantastic Out There and the upcoming Void and Meddler, has just announced another upcoming project, and it looks fantastic. Sigma Theory takes place in the near future where scientists make a world-changing technological breakthrough (hopefully smartphones that don’t run out of battery all the time). You play as the head of your country’s intelligence agency tasked with world domination using any means possible, including the power of the Sigma Theory. To achieve that goal, you’ll have to pick your team members out of the 50 unique agents included in the game and then guide that team during field operations in real-time action.

The game will also allow you to deceive your rivals during summits, betraying them at will if that suits your plans. Sigma Theory will also include 30 world-changing technologies for you to discover and utilize in your nefarious plans. As you can see from the teaser above, Sigma Theory continues Mi-Clos’ tradition of creating games filled with wonderful art. I like the idea that you aren’t going to be the ‘savior’ of the world; I think we’ve had enough of those games. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to play the ruthless leader of a ruthless secret army. The game is coming out for PC, but I hope Sigma Theory will follow in the tradition of Mi-Clos’ two previous games and end up on mobile too.