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iOS Version of Surreal Action Adventure ‘Figment’ Arriving November 28th

A couple of months back we learned that Bedtime Digital, who had previously released games like Back to Bed and Chronology on the App Store, would be gracing the mobile platform once again with a port of their critically acclaimed action adventure game Figment. It’s a story that takes place inside the human mind where you play as Dusty, the mind’s representation of courage, as you fight back against the nightmarish thoughts that have started to appear in the mind. It’s a totally surreal type of game, with a ton of odd characters and environments as well as totally charming musical numbers and full voice acting. Check out the trailer if you haven’t already to see just what I mean.

Pretty freaking awesome, yeah? While Bedtime Digital had been hoping to release the iOS version of Figment before the end of the year, they didn’t have a specific date in mind when they initially announced the port. However, as you might have noticed in the new trailer above, Figment on iOS is all set to release next week on November 28th. That’s also Thanksgiving here in the US. I really look forward to kicking my feet up and diving into Figment after stuffing my little face full of food a week from today. For more information you can follow Bedtime Digital on Twitter or hit up our forums for some discussion.