‘Football Manager 2020 Mobile’ and ‘Football Manager 2020 Touch’ Are Now Available on the App Store for iOS and for iPad Respectively

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Last year, Football Manager 2019 Touch and Football Manager 2019 Mobile released for iPad and iOS respectively following the new norm of having two versions of Football Manager for mobile systems. Football Manager 2019 Touch even made its way to Nintendo Switch a bit later. Football Manager 2020 Touch ($19.99) and Football Manager 2020 Mobile ($8.99) have both released on the same day alongside the main PC Football Manager 2020 game which is also available on Google Stadia through streaming. If you enjoy Football simulation and own multiple platforms, today is a good day for you. Watch the trailer below for all versions of Football Manager 2020:

If you’ve not played a mobile Football Manager release in a few years, SEGA and Sports Interactive have two options available for players. Football Manager 2020 Mobile is the one built for both smaller and larger screens with a more streamlined focus. Football Manager 2020 Touch is for larger screens and is an iPad only game that is a lot closer to the original PC game than Football Manager 2020 Mobile. I’ve been playing Football Manager 2020 on Steam and it is really good far. If you’re interested in playing on Nintendo Switch, Football Manager 2020 Touch will be available there in the near future at a much higher price than the iPad version.

If you’re interested in playing either of the iOS Football Manager releases, you can get Football Manager 2020 Touch for $19.99 on the App Store for iPad here and Football Manager 2020 Mobile for $8.99 on the App Store as a universal game for iOS here. Check out the official website here. Did you play Football Manager on iOS last year and will you be getting any of the new releases today?

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