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Brutal Two-Button Metroidvania ‘Necrosphere’ is Launching on Mobile December 5th

Back in the summer of 2017 we first posted the trailer to a very interesting upcoming game called Necrosphere from developer Cat Nigiri. The game’s entire premise is that you can only move your character left or right, as there are only two control buttons in the game, which is kind of a perfect fit for a touchscreen. However, this is a full-fledged exploration platforming game, and so you rely on different gadgets and parts of the environment to allow you to perform the different abilities you’ll need in order to slowly progress through the game’s puzzle-like map. It’s also, like, stupid hard. While originally announced for mobile back then, the developers focused on desktop and console releases in the meantime, and we were able to go hands-on with the desktop version of Necrosphere (complete with a sweet custom arcade stick) during PAX West last year. Now, more than a year later, us mobile gamers will finally be able to get our Necrosphere on when the game arrives on iOS December 5th. Check out the trailer.

Being that Necrosphere was launching first on desktop and consoles, it actually arrived on the Nintendo Switch this past January and our resident Switch guru Shaun Musgrave gave us his thoughts about it back then. He explains that “This is a game for the most patient, teeth-gritting players out there" and that “It’s probably too hard for its own good" but also that “The level and trap designs are absolutely devious, but besting them gives that great feeling that I’d swear is the beating heart for this instant-death genre." Those review quotes probably tell you all you need to know about if Necrophere will be for you. Personally, I love die-a-thousand-times platformers like this, especially when the developers ensure you’re instantly back at it again following each death, which this game does well. If you’re of the pre-ordering persuasion, you can also pre-order Necrosphere on iOS right now for $2.99, otherwise look for this one on December 5th.