‘Rome: Total War – Alexander’ from Feral Interactive for iPad Just Got Updated to Go Universal Adding iPhone Support and Multiple Improvements to Coincide with the Android Release

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Rome: Total War – Alexander ($4.99) released on iPad over two years ago and was announcd for release on not only iPhone but also Android a little while ago. Feral Interactive’s Rome: Total War collection is now complete on iPhone and iPad with all three games included becoming universal through today’s iPad update. Watch the launch trailer for the iPhone and Android version of Rome: Total War – Alexander below:

If you’ve not played it on iPad before, Rome: Total War – Alexander is all about Alexander’s campaign with the aim of taking over the Persian Empire. The expansion goes back in time before the events of the original Rome: Total War. On iPhone, Rome: Total War – Alexander will support iPhone 5S and later and will support newer iPhone X and later screen sizes. It will also work on iPod Touch (6th generation). On Android, there’s a massive list of supported devices. Check it out here. On Android, the game needs Android 8.0 and later.

Rome: Total War – Alexander costs $4.99 on both iPhone and Android as a standalone release. If you’ve not picked it up yet for iPad, Rome: Total War – Alexander was just updated adding multiple improvements from the iPhone and Android version like new range markers, unit status display improvements, enhanced zoom, UI hiding, more accessible help, and a lot more. Rome: Total War – Alexander is available on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store for iOS here. Check out my review of the complete Rome: Total War collection here. Here’s our forum thread for more discussion.

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