‘Rome: Total War’ Collection Makes War Cheaper

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The Rome: Total War ($9.99) series is probably the most ambitious and complex war games on the App Store, and now you can get them for a bit cheaper. Rome: Total War Collection will now let you grab Rome: Total War, Barbarian Invasion, and Alexander all for $16.99, which saves you some money, especially if you already have any of the games. And since Rome: Total War is going to get a phone version at some point soon, now is a good time to take the plunge. Rome: Total War was the base game originally that had you leading the Roman legions across a pretty long campaign and also taking the field against a multitude of enemies. If you have one of the bigger iPads, you’ll really enjoy the tactical part of the game.

Barbarian Invasion was an expansion to Rome: Total War and focused on Rome’s final years. In this one, you can either try and save the empire from demise or lead the forces that will eventually take it down. Finally, Alexander is a more challenging game, with players leading the powerful Macedonian armies against the Persian Empire. All three are great games and very well ported, so check out the new collection.

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