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The Stunning ‘Widower’s Sky’ Gets a New Trailer Ahead of Its Launch this Week

It’s always satisfying to see a long-in-development project finally see completion, as is the case with developer Whaleo’s stunning adventure Widower’s Sky. We first learned about the game more than three years ago, in March of 2016, when Whaleo was first looking for beta testers. About a year later after a period of silence, we got reassurance that Widower’s Sky was still in the works and we also got a lovely new trailer. Fast forward about another year and another period of silence, and Whaleo again confirmed that work was still going strong on the game and we again got a new trailer. That brings us to this past July when a firm release date was announced alongside Widower’s Sky going up for pre-order in the App Store. Finally we would be able to get our hands on the final product on September 5th. Now, just days before that time, Whaleo has created yet another new trailer for Widower’s Sky, and once again it is quite stunning.

In a post from the developer in our forums that included this new trailer, they’ve also posted a really interesting infographic that goes over a bunch of fun tidbits from the development of Widower’s Sky. First off developer Whaleo is just one person, Michael Warren, and he developed the game in the off hours of his normal full time job over the course of more than 4 years. That’s bananas. Also both Journey and Monument Valley were major inspirations for Widower’s Sky, two of Warren’s favorite games. The rest of the factoids are more on the humorous side, but interesting nonetheless. Hopefully this latest trailer gets you hyped up to try Widower’s Sky when it launches later this week.