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The Gorgeous ‘Widower’s Sky’ Finally Launching September 5th, Pre-Order with Discount Available Now

Holy moly it has been more than three years since we first talked about Widower’s Sky from developer Whaleo, and the game had been in development for at least a year prior to that. Which means that this puppy has been baking in the oven for more than four years, but at long last the end is near. Widower’s Sky is now available for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date of September 5th. Widower’s Sky is something of a survival/adventure game hybrid, and follows a father and his son as they explore dangerous worlds seeking out portals to jump in in the hopes that one of them will lead back to their home. I previously described it as Journey meets Quantum Leap, and that feels pretty spot on. The game is absolutely gorgeous visually, but also the soundtrack is out of this world as is the narration in the trailers that have been released so far. This latest trailer features the same music and narration as the last, but features a ton of new gameplay footage including stuff captured directly in-game so you can really see how the game will control on the touchscreen. And despite this being just a slight rework of the previous trailer, it still gives me goosebumps like crazy.

After being publicly announced in the spring of 2016, we didn’t hear much about Widower’s Sky until a little over a year later when a new trailer and some additional information was released. Then it would be more than a year after that, and nearly one year ago to the day, that we received another update on Widower’s Sky, this time with another slightly reworked trailer and an intended release date for the fall. Well obviously that didn’t work out, and here we are another year later with another new trailer and release date. Normally I’d be worried that this release date will again slip by, but the fact that the game is up for pre-order makes me think that yeah, THIS time we’re getting Widower’s Sky for real, and I absolutely can’t wait. As mentioned you can save yourself 30% off the normal price if you pre-order the game, otherwise look for this one to arrive on September 5th and check out the thread in our forums for much more discussion.