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‘Widower’s Sky’ Is a Slick Looking Puzzle Adventure Game Looking for Beta Testers in Our Forums

A new game recently popped up in our forums that’s shaping up to be pretty awesome. I’m reluctant to make too many comparisons without playing it first, but the teaser trailer is giving me some serious Journey vibes along with generally being surprisingly beautiful. Definitely give it a quick look:

Per the developers, Widower’s Sky is a game that “follows a father, son, and dog across a strange planet." You’ll be zipping in and out of portals which take your party through a variety of different environments seen in the trailer. There’s survival elements too, as you’ve got to defend yourself against wildlife while harvesting enough food to keep everyone fed.

The game is apparently 95% done, and they’re looking for beta testers from our forums to make sure everything is where it needs to be before launching. If that sounds like something you’d be into, hop into the thread.