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Check Out the New ‘Widower’s Sky’ Trailer

The adventure/puzzle game Widower’s Sky looked quite gorgeous and intriguing from the day it was revealed, but we haven’t had too much news recently. Well, the developers have let us know in a nice forum post that the game is still in the works, and feedback from the original beta has helped Whaleo out with the title. They’re now saying that the game is going to release on PC as well, but no worries about the mobile version: it’s still in the works and the game is expected to launch alongside the desktop version. Check out the 2017 trailer, which looks absolutely stunning:

Widower’s Sky is on Steam Greenlight, so if you want to upvote it, check out this link. Since the past test version, some new mechanics, redesigned levels, and voiceover work is going into the game. Widower’s Sky looks like it’s going to at the very least be an intriguing world to dive into, regardless of how the game plays. Do keep an eye on the forum thread for more discussion and updates on this promising title.