‘DOOM’ and ‘DOOM II’ Are Now Available On iOS and Android Ready for Modern Mobile Devices to Celebrate DOOM’s 25th Anniversary

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A few minutes ago, I got a lot of messages telling me that DOOM ($4.99) and DOOM II ($4.99) were coming to Nintendo Switch later today thanks to listings on the eShop in the UK. My first thought was why can’t I buy them right now and then also why are they not updated on iOS (or in DOOM II‘s case on iOS at all). Thankfully, they are now both updated and in the case of DOOM II finally available on iOS worldwide. If you’re on Android, fret not because they both just hit the Google Play store as well.

If you’ve been waiting for the original DOOM to release in more regions, it has now launched everywhere. It was earlier not available globally and is an update to the original that is published by id Software. DOOM II on the App Store has been published by Bethesda. Both are available for $4.99. In the case of the original DOOM, this is the first update since the iOS 7 compatibility update that hit back in 2013.

DOOM II includes 4 player local multiplayer and co-op in addition to the Master Levels. DOOM on the other hand includes the Thy Flesh Consumed expansion. It is awesome to finally have them both officially on iOS ready for modern devices. I can’t wait to replay DOOM II. Which one are you more excited about?

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    Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of the original DOOM (1993), including the expansion, Thy Fles…
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    Celebrate DOOM's 25th anniversary with the re-release of DOOM II. This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking DOOM (1993) …
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