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‘Dead Cells’ for iOS Has Been Delayed by over a Month with an August 28 Expected Release Date

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Motion Twin announced an iOS port of the critically acclaimed Dead Cells ($8.99) a little while ago. The port is being handled by the fantastic Playdigious and it has been going through some beta testing through their Discord server for a bit. Dead Cells is definitely one of the highest rated indie games in recent times and it had a super successful early access period on Steam before it arrived on consoles including Nintendo Switch. Watch the trailer for it below:

Pre-orders for it went live on the App Store for it a month ago with a price of $7.99 which is a lot less than the $24.99 asking price on PC and consoles. Today, the App Store listing for the game has changed from July 17th to August 28th. The price on the App Store right now is the discounted rate. The final price will be $9.99 which is still less than half of the other platforms. A delay is disappointing for anyone looking forward to the release but I’m sure the reason will be worth it when the port releases and people are hopefully happy with the performance and controls. Have you played Dead Cells yet?

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