Valve Is Bringing ‘Steam Link’ and ‘Steam Video’ to iOS and Android Beginning Later This Month

Today was going pretty normal until Valve just announced something pretty damn huge. Valve is also bringing Artifact to mobile and even has the Source Engine running on mobile hardware. If you aren’t aware, Valve owns and runs Steam. Steam is the most popular distribution platform for games on PC platforms and Valve has this device called Steam Link that lets you stream your PC games to your TV for the comfortable couch experience. Steam Link is now coming to iOS and Android devices for free beginning May 21st if all goes well. The good news doesn’t stop there. Steam Video is coming to both iOS and Android as well beginning this Summer. Watch a video showcasing Steam Link on TV below:

Steam Link is a huge deal for a lot of reasons. For one, the vast catalogue of visual novels and interactive point and click adventure games will now be playable on mobile. The other aspect is that they aren’t half assing this. Steam Link will support the Steam Controller, MFI controllers, and more on iOS and Android. This is pretty much a game changer for the larger iPad when coupled with a controller.

Steam Video on the other hand will even offer something the actual Steam app does not as of this moment. You will be able to store videos purchased on Steam offline on your iOS or Android devices. Unlike Steam Link, Steam Video will even work over LTE (cellular).

I’ve mentioned iOS devices above and it is fantastic that Valve is including Apple TV as well. You can literally fling your Steam Link hardware away and use an Apple TV if you have one beginning May 21. On Android, Steam Link will be launching as a beta. I’m pretty blown away by this announcement and Valve is clearly serious about expanding its accessibility and reach in general.