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‘Dead Cells’ Up for Pre-Order in the App Store with a July 17th Expected Release Date

Last fall an accidental listing on the Google Play Store hinted that a mobile port of Motion Twin’s beloved action platformer Dead Cells might be in the works, and while it’s a game that’s hard to imagine playing super well with touch controls, it’s definitely NOT hard to imagine how awesome it would be to be toting that sucker around in your pocket. Unfortunately the listing was quickly pulled and we never really knew for sure if a mobile port would become a reality. Then just over a month ago it finally became official when Motion Twin announced that Dead Cells would indeed be coming to mobile courtesy of Playdigious, who are basically masters at porting games that don’t seem like they’d work well on mobile and just proving everyone wrong. All we knew is it would be coming to iOS this summer and Android sometime afterwards, but today things got a little more clear as Dead Cells went up for pre-order on the iOS App Store with a listed release date of July 17th.

It also appears that this pre-order is at a discounted rate, as it has previously been stated that Dead Cells on iOS would be a $9.99 premium game but if you pre-order the price is a bit cheaper at $7.99. Both prices are ridiculously good deals for a game of this caliber. Playdigious has also gone in-depth in a recent blog post about their reasoning for wanting to bring Dead Cells to mobile and why they think they can make it work, and it’s a really interesting read. After launching on desktop and consoles in the summer of last year and becoming a critical darling, it’s really cool to think that in just under a year Dead Cells will also be available on mobile. I will be counting down the days to July 17th.