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Playdigious Is Bringing Motion Twin’s Acclaimed Roguelite Action Platformer ‘Dead Cells’ to Mobile Devices This Summer

A little while ago, Playdigious teased a game announcement that some thought was Dead Cells. Playdigious eventually announced Cultist Simulator which is what everyone assumed was the game for said tease. Today, they surprised everyone by announcing an iOS port of Dead Cells from Motion Twin. It is set to release this Summer. Watch the iOS announcement trailer below:

Dead Cells is a sidescrolling action platformer with roguelike elements. It is super polished when it comes to core gameplay and runs and looks superb on most platforms. The mobile version seems to have a virtual floating joystick option with touch targets for various abilities. It also has MFi controller support and will be a premium release. Dead Cells is all about learning and dying while making progress. Watch a short made for the original release of the game below:

Having not really gotten into Dead Cells on Switch thanks to being unhappy with the performance at launch (it improved a ton since but isn’t perfect), I’m looking forward to giving the game a proper go on portable again when the iOS version arrives. Dead Cells is available on PC platforms, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. It arrives on iOS this Summer with an Android release to follow. Check out the website for the mobile port here. The iOS version will cost $9.99 when it launches this Summer as a premium game.