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NimbleBit’s ‘LEGO Tower’ in Open Beta on iOS and Android, Check It Out for Free Right Now

One of the more fun surprises from GDC this year was NimbleBit announcing that they’d partnered up with LEGO to recreate their award-winning tower-building sim Tiny Tower out of virtual bricks for a new game called LEGO Tower. I was borderline obsessed with Tiny Tower back in the day, as was most everyone I knew, and I’ve been a huge fan of LEGO ever since I was old enough to step on them with bare feet. This just seemed like a match made in heaven. Then last month we noticed that LEGO Tower was available for pre-order on the App Store with an expected release date of July 1st. Well, if you’re not patient enough to wait a couple of weeks, then you can actually check out LEGO Tower a bit early as this week NimbleBit released the game as an open beta on Testflight and the Google Play Store. Just head over to our forums to find the link to the beta and you’ll be on your way!

I’ve only just started playing the beta of LEGO Tower, and I’m already getting obsessed all over again. This is like the ultimate “Just one more [insert blank]!" video game as you build new floors, hire new staff, and collect just a staggering amount of pieces to customize your LEGO Minifigure. If you weren’t a fan of the pixel art of the previous Tiny Tower games, you’ll be happy to see the shiny high-resolution artwork in LEGO Tower, where many of the floor themes are actually based on real life LEGO sets, which is just indescribably cool. So if you’re a Tiny Tower addict like so many of us and you just can’t wait then check out the open beta of LEGO Tower today, otherwise look for the official launch on July 1st.