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NimbleBit Announces ‘LEGO Tower’, a Stunning Rebuild of ‘Tiny Tower’ in LEGO Form, Launching This Summer

NimbleBit just gets mobile gaming. Ever since the early days of the App Store, they’ve released titles that are perfect for smartphones, and even as a big premium evangelist, almost every NimbleBit release has managed to obsess me to levels that only the likes of Animal Crossing and Pokemon GO (Free) had previously achieved. My own personal NimbleBit highlight has to be Tiny Tower (Free), as building my own skyscraper whilst mercilessly firing incompetent staff managed to bring out the capitalist scoundrel inside me. I’ve always been waiting for a sequel, and despite over two years since the last NimbleBit mobile release, today we’ve finally heard news of their brand new project. Introducing LEGO Tower – a complete reimagining of Tiny Tower with LEGO graphics and characters, releasing this Summer. I’m already in love with the reveal trailer, which you can see below.

Seeing NimbleBit partner up with such a major international brand in LEGO is awesome, and the results are exactly what you’d expect – a stunningly realistic recreation of the Tiny Tower skyscraper, floors and eccentric characters in LEGO form. I was already a huge fan of Tiny Tower’s pixel art style, but this new LEGO aesthetic gives it a whole new lease of life. NimbleBit haven’t released too many details so far, and I can’t tell whether it’s simply a graphical overhaul as opposed to a new or, at the very least, remastered take on its source material. The floors featured in LEGO Tower’s trailer are ones we’ve seen before, but with so much to take from the LEGO IP, I’m hoping NimbleBit include some easter eggs referencing the likes of The LEGO Movie too. Either way, LEGO Tower looks like it’ll be a lot of fun – keep your eye on TouchArcade and our Discord server for any breaking news before the game’s Summer 2019 release date.