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NimbleBit’s ‘LEGO Tower’ is Now Available for Pre-Order with an Expected Release Date of July 1st

After not hearing much from the folks at NimbleBit for the past couple of years, they dropped a mega excitement bomb on the final day of GDC back in March when they announced their new project LEGO Tower. If you’re familiar with NimbleBit’s beloved Tiny Tower and you’re familiar with what LEGO bricks are, you could probably guess exactly what LEGO Tower is based on the name alone: A version of Tiny Tower using the LEGO characters and aesthetic. As a fan of both of these things, LEGO Tower sounds like a match made in heaven. That original announcement mentioned a release window of this summer, but now that the game is up for pre-order on the iOS App Store, and pre-registration on the Android Google Play Store, we now know the expected release date for LEGO Tower is July 1st.

I, along with pretty much the rest of the world, fell in love with the original Tiny Tower when it launched back in 2011, and I fell in love a second time with its glitzy spinoff Tiny Tower Vegas in 2014. But I can’t help but think about another high profile Tiny Tower collaboration, Tiny Death Star, a Star Wars-themed version of the original game. It too seemed like a match made in heaven, but sadly it didn’t even make it a year before Disney unceremoniously pulled the game in the fall of 2014. However, in that case the actual development was handled in-house by Disney and not by NimbleBit, which is why the game released as such a buggy mess and had a way nastier pay model than the other Tiny Tower games. I don’t think we’ll have this problem with LEGO Tower.

According to NimbleBit’s Twitter account, you’ll get an exclusive helmet for pre-registering on iOS or Android, so head over to whichever App Store you prefer and look forward to LEGO Tower launching in about six weeks from now.