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‘Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition’ Is Coming to iOS and Android in Addition to Consoles Later This Year

Originally released on the GameCube, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was an action RPG that offered a new take on gameplay fans in the franchise expected. It was notable for a few reasons at the time. It was the first Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo system since the SNES days. Square Enix went with Sony for Final Fantasy VII (which is now available on literally everything). Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition was announced for PS4 and Switch release. It is now confirmed for mobile as well. Watch the trailer below:

Square Enix usually ports games to mobile first or later with some changes. When they reveal iOS and Android alongside other platforms, the game is usually the same as the other versions which is a good sign. This means it likely will be a premium experience with all the content. It is good to see them not abandon iOS and Android for newer releases. Getting a day and date release is excellent. Did you play this on the GameCube or will the mobile port be your first time?